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About Us

SRN Mineração is commited to developing mineral rights in an environmentally sustainable manner and to creating jobs in the local and regional communities.

Established in 2009, SRN Mineração, Ltda. (SRN), a Brazilian limited liability corporation, acquired mining rights covering near the municipality of São Raimundo Nonato in the State of Piaui, Brazil.


SRN’s portfolio of mining rights, issued in 2009 by the Departamento Nacional de Produção

Mineral (DNPM), the mining division of the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy, remain current. This year, SRN Mineração begins its third year of mapping, exploring, analysing and confirming its mineral assets.


During the next two years, the Company intends to prove its mineral resource base and build a

commercially viable, pilot, production plant.


The Project will take advantage of railroad logistics located approximately 130 km from the project site which connect with two seaports capable of receiving, holding and loading iron ore for

exportation. Preliminary studies prepared by third parties, suggest that the project can be a low

cost producer and be competitive in the current marketplace.



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